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Family Ski News | April 12, 2024

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Why take the family skiing?

Q: Why take the family skiing?

A: … because, in our view, it’s possibly the best family holiday in the world. 

Think about it…

Snow fun for all the family… no matter how young!

If you have a baby, finally you can escape to the mountaintops on that much-needed adult break, and feel the sense of pre-baby freedom again as you zoom down the ski runs, content in the knowledge that your precious bundle is safe and happy in a specialist nursery or local crèche in resort.

Hot chocolates topped with mountains of cream!

If you have toddlers, you can have endless fun rolling around and playing with them in the snow – building snowmen, toboganning, throwing snowballs and making snow angels, not to mention snuggling by the fire in a piste-side restaurant, or sitting on a sunny mountain terrace with hands clasped round steaming cups of hot chocolate.  It’s the perfect excuse to be a big kid again yourself. 

Once your kids start skiing themselves (around the age of four to six), ski holidays take on a new significance – as a time when all the family can be together doing an activity everybody loves.  There’s nothing better than skiing together as a family – falling over together on the piste, laughing on the ski lifts and racing each other on the slopes.   It’s what childhood memories are made of…

Learning to ski… first attempt!

When your kids progress and invariably become better at skiing/boarding than you are, you will feel a great sense of pride (and probably a little envy too).  Before you know it, your teenagers will be too old to hang out with mum and dad.  While you enjoy your new-found freedom, they will be waving at you from off-piste, skiing with their new-found pals from the resort, and making their own way back to the chalet at bedtime… probably way after you have turned into bed yourself. 

Whichever way you look at it, and whatever age your kids, there’s no holiday quite like skiing.  We admit… if your idea of holiday heaven is lying on a tropical beach doing absolutely nothing all week, then perhaps skiing’s not for you.  But try it just once, plan it carefully, heed our advice on FamilySkiNews…. and we can almost guarantee you’ll be hooked for life!