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Family Ski News | May 25, 2024

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Six things to do before you go to bed

Everyone’s keen to get out onto the slope as soon as possible in the morning so here’s a checklist to ensure a smooth, swift morning:

1          Set Bedtime

You should only have to do this once, at the start of your holiday.  You don’t want to be arguing with the kids each night over what time they should go to bed, so agree an age-appropriate bedtime for each child, and try to stick to it!  It’s vital that they all get the sleep they need in order to be refreshed for the next day on the slopes, and to avoid them skiing when they’re tired.  Negotiate with older children that they’re here to ski, not to play games… Also, remember how happy, rested children (rather than crabby, fractious ones) are easier for you to manage.

2          Prepare kids’ snacks for the slopes

Prepare nibbles for the slopes.  Choose non-perishable goods (energy bars, chocolate bars, etc) and small disposable drinks cartons.  This easier the night before, without children around to distract you, and it will save you valuable time in the morning. 

3          Prepare the kids’ ski jackets for the slopes

Make sure they’re dry; that they have tissues, lip salve, sun cream in an easily accessible zipped pocket, and both gloves attached to one of the outer zips. Place snacks in another pocket. Ensure their ski pass is still in the correct place. 

If you are using more than one ski jacket, be certain to transfer ski passes and all other bits and bobs now.  There’s nothing more frustrating than staggering to the first lift with everyone’s skis and poles, only to find you’ve forgotten to transfer the ski passes to the correct jacket – and believe us, we’ve all done it at least once.

Make sure your child has the name and telephone number of the hotel, chalet or appartment written down on a piece of paper, and that it’s in a secure pocket.  If you carry a mobile phone whilst skiing, include this number too.

4          Set the table for breakfast (if you’re self-catering)

We lay out the place mats, bowls, cutlery, glasses, napkins, cereal boxes so all that is required in the morning is for the croissants to be delivered, the coffee made and the juice and milk to be taken out of the fridge. This means that everyone can serve themselves as they get up.

5          Have a general tidy

It’s no fun arriving tired from an excellent day’s skiing to find your apartment looks as though a tsunami has just passed through.  Before you go to bed, have a quick dash round scooping up toys and board games from the floor, putting DVDs back in cases, and picking up bits of clothing left strewn around.  However, be realistic about tidiness.  This is your holiday too, so don’t aim for perfection!    

6          Prepare all the ski clothes

It’s always such a rush to get out into the snow in the mornings so preempt this by laying clothes out for younger children, and ensuring that they are in the right spots for older children to access themselves… everything from pants and thermals to outerwear garments.