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Family Ski News | May 25, 2024

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Sierra-at-Tahoe: May the force be with you…

Families, Star Wars fans and budding young snowboarders are sure to love the new new Burton Star WarsTM Experience – the first snowboard park in the world that features iconic Star Wars themes to introduce children as young as three to snowboarding. 

This brand new snowboard learning experience is one of various incentives in America to encourage youngsters to take up shredding, as reported here.  A partnership between Lucas film, Burton Snowboards and Riglet Park fun-park, the Burton StarWarsTM Experience opened in February 2012. 

It is aimed at 3- to 6-year olds, and combines Burton’s teaching systems with Jedi Master Yoda’s methods of balance, movement and control.  Using Burton’s unique Riglet Reel (a specially-designed reel attached to the nose of youth snowboards ), coaches can tow kids on their boards so they quickly learn how to balance, move and control their boards. 

Yoda greets young shredders on arrival at the Burton StarWarsTM Experience

“Our youth programs demonstrate that kids as young as three can start snowboarding if they are provided with qualified instruction that utilizes terrain-based features and equipment designed for beginners,” said Jeff Boliba, Burton’s Global Resort Director. “The Burton Star WarsTM Experience at Sierra will give ‘younglings’ this tailored experience so they can be successful at snowboarding at a super young age.”

On arrival at the park, boarders aged 3-4 at the park are called Younglings (Jedi trainees); shredders aged 5-6 are dubbed Padawans (Jedi apprentices).  They all start at the indoor Wild Mountain Children’s Center, and practice balance training before refuelling with hot chocolate and preparing for their ‘galactic experience’ at Yoda’s Riglet Park, where the snowboarding galaxy comes to life.

Luke Skywalker

Yoda’s Riglet Park comprises a series of themed practice zones, each customised with woodcarvings of Star Wars favourites R2-D2, Chewbacca, Skywalker and others.  The park is constructed almost exclusively from recycled materials, using relcaimed wood for the statues, recycled scrap metal and old lift tower tubes.  There’s even a water break hut which shows how snow turns into water – encouraging kids to respect nature and the moutains.  Combine all this with special Star Wars clothing for the kids, dressed-up Star Wars instructors and fun and games with light savers, and the force really is strong at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

The Burton Star Wars Experience at Sierra Resort includes the equipment, lesson, lunch, snacks, indoor-outdoor games and activities and plenty of interaction with Yoda and the other Jedi Knights for just $135 for a day (offpeak) or $145 (peak times). Half Day packages cost $115 (offpeak) or $135 (peak).  All children must be potty-trained. Numbers are limited, so reservations are strongly recommended at 530.543.3150.  For more information, see

May the force be with you!