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Family Ski News | May 29, 2024

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my Bunjee – comes in pink, blue, green, grey, purple, black and white, also beaded and lanyard versions

We all know that moment when you’re huddled high up on the top of chilly, exposed chairlift and your mobile phone rings.  You need to pull your glove off, not drop you ski poles, nimbly unzip your ski jacket and pull out your phone… all before it stops ringing.  With numbly-cold fingers, it’s the easiest thing to drop your phone into the snowy depths below.  Let’s face it, you often see poles, gloves, sun-cream, even the odd ski lying dropped beneath chair lifts.    

According to myBunjee’s website, of over 1 million mobile phone insurance claims in Britain in the past year, the main reasons given were: It fell out of my pocket (189,000 claims); it dropped on the floor (176,000 claims); I dropped it down the loo (101,000 claims!); and I left it in a bar/restaurant/taxi (92,000 claims).

However, with myBunjee, for just £6.99, there’s no need to worry any longer.  Simply stretch and slip one end over your phone, clip the other end to your ski jacket and you and your phone will never be separated again!  Its expandable cord enables it to stretch up to your ear without the need to unclip it.  It works with all types and brands of phone (except slide or fold phones).

To find out more or place an order, contact  Believe us, you’ll never drop (or lose) your phone again!