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Family Ski News | May 25, 2024

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FSN’s Top Five Tips for Ski and Snowboard Care

Next season, when you get all your kit out of the loft, you may well be a bit rusty on your skis but at least your equipment will be ready for action if you follow these five simple steps to ensure piste-ready, rust-free skis/boards:  

1) If your family has their own skis or boards, get them professionally serviced by a reputable ski shop before you put them away for the next season.  That will ensure that the edges are razor sharp and free from nicks, and the base of the skis will receive a new coating of wax.  If you choose not to service your skis, at least wipe them down thoroughly with a dry cloth to clean and prevent summer rust.

2) Clean your bindings.  Do not alter your binding tension.

3) Run a block of paraffin or an old candle over the edges of the skis to prevent them going rusty. 

4) Bind your skis together with Velcro ski straps for easy storage and to prevent the skis from slipping and damaging the edges. 

5) Store them somewhere clean and dry, with low humidity to keep them in tip-top condition, ideally inside your house where the temperature is controlled, rather than in a garage or outside shed.

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