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Family Ski News | June 16, 2024

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myBunjee – a perfect Christmas gift

Teresa Fisher

my Bunjee – comes in pink, blue, green, grey, purple, black and white, also beaded and lanyard versions

If you’ve ever tried answering your mobile phone whilst on a chairlift – juggling with gloves, ski poles and phone all with numbly-cold fingers – you need myBunjee!

This handy little gizmo will prevent you from dropping your phone in the snow or leaving it in a cable car or a mountain restaurant.

Simply stretch and slip one end of the myBunjee over your phone, clip the other end to your ski jacket and you and your phone will never be separated again! 

At just £6.99, it’s the perfect little extra Christmas gift for your partner, or to give to any teenager, and it promises to be all the rage very soon among phone-users. 

This Sunday, myBunjee was featured on the BBC’s popular Dragons’ Den. Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Hilary Devey were all interested in investing in myBunjee. 

After careful consideration, the company opted for Peter Jones, who remarked “I invested in myBunjee because it’s a clever, quirky product, which caught my eye straight away, because I realised that finally there was something to stop me and other people from dropping or losing a mobile phone.”

“I’ve smashed more phones than I care to remember,” he continued, “and my phone is forever falling out of my pocket, but thankfully myBunjee is the solution to make sure mobile phones are kept safe all the time.”

The Dragons all recognised that mobile phones are valuable possessions – full of personal information and often worth a lot of money.  Now, with myBunjee, there’s no need to worry any longer.  Believe us, you’ll never drop (or lose) your phone again!

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