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Family Ski News | June 20, 2024

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World Snow Day highlights (or ‘anything goes… even skiing in your back garden’)

World Snow Day highlights (or ‘anything goes… even skiing in your back garden’)
Teresa Fisher

Anything goes on World Snow Day as long as you’re out and about and having fun in the snow. that’s the message on the World Snow Day official trailer which warns “Mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts and all families take note; if you do not take your kids to the snow this could happen to you”:


This year’s World Snow Day extravaganza, on 17 January, certainly lived up to expectations.  Bigger and better than ever, it spanned 42 countries with an estimated 620,000 participants in a whopping 623 events, as we reported in an earlier story HERE.

Or should that read 624 events?… as we suspect the official tally didn’t include our favourite activity of the day – created by good friend, ‘snow hunter’ and InTheSnow magazine editor, Patrick Thorne who woke to a decent dusting of Scottish snow and decided there-and-then to build a ski slope in his garden, much to the surprise of its four-legged residents. Here’s a taste of what he got up to:


Free-skiing… in the garden!



Not impressed


Family fun right on the doorstep



Wonder if the horse knew it was participating in WSD2016?

Patrick’s garden antics represent everything World Snow Day stands for, now in its fifth year and growing from strength to strength.  Here are some of our favourite images from around the world posted on social media to celebrate World Snow Day 2016:


Loose Moose celebrates in Canada’s Big White ski resort



Ice penguins in Hungary


First attempts at cross-country in Finland… (great bonnet too)


Snow painting...

Snow painting…


Snow bunnies...

Snow bunnies…


Snow sliding...

Mini snow sliding…


… and possibly WSD2016’s youngest participant?


Finally, here’s a video of Simon Beck creating some remarkable ‘snow art’ in honour of World Snow Day: