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Family Ski News | June 16, 2024

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Is Greenland the new Iceland?

Teresa Fisher

Greenland’s new adventure films include huskies, skidooing and heli-skiing

What should a tourist destination like Greenland do to attract visitors to a region most people have never considered visiting?  After all, what is there to visit?   Isn’t it just a bleak snowy and largely uninhabitable wilderness?…   Visit Greenland, the tourist office of this large Arctic island has an undeniably tricky job! 

Nonetheless, they have produced a series of short films, providing an intimate and alluring glimpse into life in Greenland: six winter films, produced last year, and now six new summer films, launched last month, all promoting ‘Destination Arctic Circle.’

Destination Arctic Circle is a region in West Greenland the size of Greece, with around 10,000 inhabitants in two towns and six settlements and more sled-dogs than you could care to count. It is home to nation’s international airport at Kangarlussuag, and boasts seven months of winter, spectacular Northern Lights displays, and a short summer graced by the Midnight sun.

The films represent a series of snapshots illustrating the different facets the region has to offer to visitors – heli-skiing, glacier trekking, dogsledding, biking, kayaking… – as well as illustrating daily life, local children and traditions.   

They have been created by MMP Films, a Swiss video production company with a tranche of snowboarding films on their portfolio.     

To whet your appetite, here’s a winter video:


And a summer one:

You can see the other winter films here and the new summer ones here.

Few can visit Destination Arctic Circle without being touched by the sheer beauty and remote wilderness of it all.  Cast your mind back twenty years ago; few visited Iceland then.  Its fantastic scenery, friendly locals and barren beauty were a well-kept secret.  Now, it is one ofEurope’s hottest travel destinations. 

OK, Greenland’s towns may not have the cool vibe of Reykjavik, but they have a unique charm and appeal.  There are few places left on the planet as unspoilt by tourism and with locals as genuine and welcoming as in Greenland. 

So we’re just wondering could Greenland be the next Iceland?