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Family Ski News | June 16, 2024

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Sheep go shopping

Teresa Fisher

Following the leader..

We all know the saying about people “following like sheep” without knowing where they’re going or why – well, it happened for real in the popular ski resort of St Anton in Austria this weekend. 

As usual, a flock of sheep was being steered along the main drag when one of the sheep decided to do a spot of window-shopping at the sports equipment shop, Intersport. 

Before the shepherds could do anything, the lead sheep had stepped on the sensor to open the automatic sliding doors and strutted into the shop.  Perhaps it was following its own reflection in a store mirror?…

Guess what happened next?…

Of course, the entire herd followed.   

Needless to say, the whole incident’s been captured on “EWE-Tube”!


Here they are leaving the store.  But first of all, the shepherds had to drag out the lead sheep: 

The store’s Managing Director, Michael Ess, commented afterwards that the damage caused by some eighty sheep in the shop was “not dramatic”.  Once they’d swept up the debris left by the sheep, they could laugh about what turned out to be a fantastic free publicity stunt for Intersport.