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Family Ski News | May 25, 2024

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Freezing temperatures set to continue

Teresa Fisher

It’s freezing in the Alps. 

Temperatures fell as low as -27 in several locations in the Alps this weekend.  In the Swiss Jura, the small village and cross-country skiing centre of La Brévine – reputed to be the coldest place in Switzerland– recorded a temperature of -23.9.  The lowest temperature was recorded on the Glattalp in the canton of Schwyz: at -34 it is still a long way off La Brevine’s record, set in 1987, of -41.8.     

Even the Swiss rail network, famed for its efficiency and precision time-keeping, suffered some disruption to its time-tables due to frozen points.  The line between Geneva airport and Lausanne was especially badly affected, extending skiers transfers to the mountains by around half an hour.   

Wrap up warmly!


This bitterly cold spell is forecast to persist for the next few days, together with a cold, persistent north or north-easterly wind, known as La Bise, in Switzerland and the French Alps.

On the plus side, snow conditions are excellent so, if you’re skiing this week, make sure you wear plenty of layers, inner gloves and good quality goggles, and be sure and take something to cover your face – a balaclava or a face mask.