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Family Ski News | May 25, 2024

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Alpine Cuisine

Teresa Fisher

(c) Boesch

With cold crisp days and the arrival of the first frosts, the team at FSN are looking forward to cosy chalet nights round the log fire with our families tucking into hearty Frisbee-sized portions of rösti, bowls full of bubbling cheese fondues and other traditional alpine fare.

To get you in the mood too, and in honour of today’s Fête de la Gastronomie in France – a one-day countrywide event that is celebrating all that’s good in French cuisine – we are starting a brand new series of Alpine Cuisine. 

Click here for our first recipe – one of the Alps’ best-loved dishes, Tartiflette (made with potato, bacon and Reblochon cheese), and an all-time favourite here at FSN.  It’s always the first dish we cook on our return from any ski trip (an one we frequently eat on the slopes too)!

Let us know how you get on serving it to your family on our Facebook page, and be sure to come back again over the next few weeks as we add more mouth-watering dishes, together with some secret recipes from celebrated chalet chefs.