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Family Ski News | May 25, 2024

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Unlucky start for GB sit-skier Anna Turney

Unlucky start for GB sit-skier Anna Turney
Teresa Fisher

British Paralympian sit-skier Anna Turney took part in her first event, the downhill, this morning.  Unfortunately she didn’t have the same luck as Jade Etherington (silver medallist in the alpine downhill this morning, as we reported in an earlier story HERE).  Sadly, she skied out and failed to win a medal. 

Gutsy Anna, 34, (who is still dubbed ‘Snow White’ after a memorable performance in the leading role at a University pantomime in Bristol in 2001), broke her back whilst competing in a snowboarding competition in 2006.

With true fighting spirit, she returned to the slopes the following year as an LW-12 1 sit-skier, joining the BDST (British Disabled Ski Team) Development Team in 2007.  A great all-rounder, she also competes in show-jumping, triathlon and the GB Women’s Basketball league.

She was skiing fantastically this morning until she skied out.

Ironically, she had earlier remarked: “If you mess up one turn, you’re out of the race, but you just have to put aside the worry and concentrate on the race”

Immediately after her fall in the sit-ski downhill, she showed great courage, joking:  “I gave you something to watch… just not what I wanted!.. I believed I could win it… I went out to win it… I was trying to be brave… I just wasn’t calm and patient enough with it, I guess.”

She continued: “Physically I’m alright. I will be sore tomorrow but I haven’t hurt myself which is a big relief.  The course is really bumpy and the conditions are pretty tough. I landed on a bit of an edge and bounced. I was going for it and the end of the day that’s all you can do.”

Luckily she has more events to go – the slalom, Super G and GS.