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Family Ski News | May 25, 2024

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Pixelated fabrics are this year’s ski fashion trend

Pixelated fabrics are this year’s ski fashion trend
Teresa Fisher

Okay, we know we’re not fashion bloggers but, nonetheless, we are going to put our necks on the block and state that this year’s on-piste fashion trend is pixelated ski jackets, worn with bright, plain-coloured salopettes.  Shoot us down if we’re wrong!

pixelated jacket

Pixelated jackets are on trend

Burton have a kaleidoscopic selection of pixelated skiwear for men and women.  You name it, they’ve ‘pixelated’ it, right down to thermals, ski mitts and touchscreen glove liners.

If you’re not pixelated, then perhaps you’ll dare to wear orange – yes, last year’s big trend continues to predominate on the slopes, with bright blue as a close second.  And, whatever colour you wear, down jackets are huge.

You won't get lost in these Black Crows ski pants

You won’t get lost in these!

While you’re in the mountains, forget the alpenglow: this season’s all about day-glo. There’s an increasing amount of luminous skiwear – brilliant in a white-out, when all you can spot on the mountain are day-glo ski pants. Kids just love the zingy colours and, unbeknown to them, it’s also wonderfully reminiscent for us parents whose teenage heyday was in the 80s – back in the day when day-glo headbands and waterproofed jeans were commonplace on the slopes.  Going retro has it’s practical purpose too: not only does it cheer up a dull day, but it’s so much easier to spot your child on a crowded piste if they’re clad in luminous lime, not snow-white.

Oversized Oakleys - skiing doesn't get any cooler than this!

Oakleys: get the look!

Accessories?… well, you need to be rocking a pair of oversized mirror goggles – Oakleys in an ideal world – if you want to get noticed.  And for après-ski, don’t even consider going out without the necessary headgear – this season oversized knitted beanies are out; tight-knit bobble hats with an see-and-be-seen overly large and very luxurious fur (or faux-fur, if you must) pompom are de rigeur.

Don't party without a pompom!

Don’t party without a pompom!

Finally… back in the chalet clutching a mug of piping-hot Glühwein before bedtime, make sure you have some stylish thermals to snuggle up in. We just love Sweaty Betty’s ones for this season – far too cool to cover up.

Sweaty Betty thermals - almost too good to cover up

Sweaty Betty thermals – too cool to cover up