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Family Ski News | April 12, 2024

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Take the Frozen Underground

Take the Frozen Underground
Teresa Fisher

We’re all familiar with London’s famous map of the Underground.  Now there’s a new twist – the Frozen Underground map of the Alps. This brilliant idea was created by amateur British astronomer Anton Vamplew.  His Frozen Underground features ski resorts instead of Tube stops. 


Instead of the Piccadilly, Jubilee or Northern lines, take the Alpine, Vin Chaud or Black Run lines.  Hilarious!

To transport yourself to the imaginary pistes, simply order your copy of the Central Network Map!

It comes in three sizes starting from £20, printed directly onto high quality card or (for the largest size) aluminium and features 152 of the major ski resorts in Europe and beyond; the height and name for each country’s highest mountain and various other characterful details…

It even shows the host cities of the Frozenolympics!

Personalise your Frozen Underground map!

Personalise your Frozen Underground map!

Of course, in these Brexit days of strife, you don’t even have to have the whole of Europe on your wall… other Frozen maps include Austria, Switzerland, USA and France, and specific ski areas such as The 3 Valleys and the Dolomites Superski area.

All are available online HERE.  And, you can have your order personalised, for an extra charge, with the addition of your favourite resort, chalet, bar; the venue for your proposal or birthday party; the slope where you always wipe out… the alternatives are endless.

Just imagine if every London Tube train had one of these maps!…  We could all spend our dreary commute dreaming ourselves off to the Alps.