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Family Ski News | May 25, 2024

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Ski operators extend holiday cancellations

Ski operators extend holiday cancellations
Teresa Fisher

Following recent announcements, Club Med has cancelled its ski program until 27 February, Crystal Ski Holidays have taken it one step further and suspended all ski holidays until 5 March.  At this rate there will be no ski season at all…


This follows confirmation from the French Government that all Alpine ski lifts will remain closed until the end of February.  At this rate it’s looking very possible that the entire season is likely to be cancelled.

Crystal Ski put out the following announcement on the holiday updates page of their website:

We’re sorry to confirm that due to the impact of COVID-19 and the restrictions now in place, we can’t operate our holidays to Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Switzerland or the USA for departures up to and including 5 March 2021.

French tourism minister, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, said: “We are looking at a saison blanche”.  A “white season”… regrettably not as fine as it sounds. It doesn’t refer to the amount of snowfall – which, needless to say, has been amazing so far this season – but rather that the whole season may well be a total wipe-out.

Is the sun setting on French skiing for this season already?

In this already challenging year, the French authorities are anxious to provide keep the ski sector informed. The tourism minister said: “We are committed to providing clarity with regard to the rest of the season as quickly as possible.”

Meantime, Crystal Ski are pushing sales of next season 2021/2022, with holidays to all destinations available already for booking on their website.

At FamilySkiNews, we echo their words when they say: We’re sorry for the disappointment these updates will cause and we hope we can take you to the mountains soon.”