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Family Ski News | July 16, 2024

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Michael Schumacher needs a miracle

Michael Schumacher needs a miracle
Teresa Fisher

Michael Schumacher’s family have been informed by doctors at the French hospital where the 45-year-old F1 legend is being treated, that the chances of recovery are now so slim that only ‘a miracle’ can save him.


Schumacher has been in an artificially induced coma now for 70 days since his skiing accident in the French Alps on December 29, which we reported in an earlier story HERE.

He is technically in the ‘wake up’ phase of his treatment, with the doctors gradually decreasing the narcotics that have kept him unconscious.  Most artificial comas last for around 2-3 weeks.

There is not much official news about his condition but, as time passes, the newspapers are reporting that sources close to the family claim his prognosis could not be worse.

One German newspaper reporter allegedly commented: “’He is in terrible shape but until the family issue a statement we cannot write about it… ‘The family have, we are told, been informed that only a miracle can bring him back now.’

According to the Daily Mail a close family source has reported: “The doctors have given it to them straight.  There is little hope left that he will come out of this.  Miracles happen, of course, and as a wealthy man he has the best care money can buy.  But all the money in the world cannot fix what has happened to him.”

The former F1 doctor Gary Hartstein has also commented: “The majority of the patients that come out alive from a coma after this amount of time suffer severe disabilities.”

Here at, our thoughts and prayers are with the whole Schumacher family, with fingers crossed for some better news soon.