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Family Ski News | July 16, 2024

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Child-friendly Swiss chairlift scans kids

Child-friendly Swiss chairlift scans kids
Teresa Fisher

The swanky Swiss resort of Klosters has come up with a new high-tech chairlift for this season.  Designed especially to be child-friendly, it scans skiers and snowboarders as they approach and adjusts seat height accordingly.

We all know that young children are not the best at sitting still.  And there’s nothing scarier for fidgety kids (and their anxious parents) than to be dangling high up on a chairlift, with a gap easily big enough to slip through.  Indeed, it happens most seasons in most resorts at some point – thankfully usually just at chairlift mounts and dismounts.

But now Switzerland leads the way in child-friendly chairlift technology.

The Madrisa chairlift in the high-end resort of Klosters has had a 007-style makeover, at a cost in excess of CHF11 million!

In true secret agent style, the new six-seater chairlift uses the ultimate in laser technology to scan you as you approach.  It then calculates your height and automatically adjusts the seat height to fit the smallest passenger, as it whisks 2,600 skiers per hour up a vertical rise of 1,670feet in just 7 minutes.

Fantastic for kids, not so great for their 6ft+ fathers!  At least you can console yourselves that there’s less chance of them sliding off the seat!

Davos-Klosters piste map