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Family Ski News | July 16, 2024

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Verbier may re-open!

Teresa Fisher

Verbier – considering reopening for skiing on 1 June!

If you thought the ski season was long gone, think again!

The Swiss resort of Verbier has received so much snow over the past few days that it is considering reopening some of its lifts this Saturday (1 June). 

Over 30cm of fresh snow has fallen this week, on to a decent base that hasn’t melted yet, thanks to the exceptionally cold temperatures so far this spring. 

To guage support for the idea, the resort posted the following on Facebook:

Vous voulez skier à Verbier samedi ?
Si vous êtes plus de 1’000 à nous assurer de votre présence, la Direction de Téléverbier s’engage à réouvrir les installations rien que pour vous ce samedi !
Une seule condition: que la météo ne soit pas trop mauvaise.
Prix unique de la journée : 20.- par personne.
Qui vient ?

(Do you want to go skiing in Verbier Saturday? 
If we get more than 1000 likes then the Téléverbier Management agrees to reopen the lifts just for you this Saturday. 
Just one condition: that the weather is not too bad. 
Unique price for the day: 20CHF per person. 
Who is coming?)

 So far the post has received 1828 ‘likes’, and just this afternoon a further 10cm has fallen…

The only snag is that the forecast for the weekend is frankly not that great, with a further 50cm of snow predicted to fall in the next 48 hours.  The resort is making a call on it at 0830 Thursday morning!   

You can check their final decision on the Verbier Sport Plus Facebook page.


Image: © Sonderegger